FAQs about Paco's massage

You are welcomed to call me and ask whatever information you need to know about my service and availability.

Also about any other of the masseurs and masseuses working with me.

Of course there are times you might be wondering about a specific question that is very frequent and that is not worth a phone call or an e-mail message.

Or maybe it is just 3 AM in Sitges and you prefer to check the answers here.


don't you have a studio in Sitges?

Most of my customers stay in Barcelona and fly in directly to Barcelona.

Apartments in Sitges are extremely expensive. The Mayor also stopped from extending legal licenses for massage parlors. Another relevant fact is that the law prohibits any business use of residential apartments.

So some masseurs in Sitges might be using their private apartment to serve you. This obviously means unwanted smells and unprofessional service. Also the risk of inspections. That's not us!

So I will be glad to visit you in Sitges wherever you are.

Can we deal

a 2+ pax deal?

Since I am not charging the transportation time and cost I can't deal the prices. I can only offer the "low cost massage fares" in certain occasions. We always need to talk it ahead of time though. I hope you understand!


or escort?

I'm not an escort. There is a big difference between the service of a masseur and what an escort might offer you. Not just sexually but also emotionally. The choice is yours though. If you have any sort of intimate and very personal questions just call me. I'm very open to listen and I do understand whatever your doubts might be.

Matt is working with me and he has no problem in offering escort services though.


Matt is offering the full escort service. Please check his own website www.gay-massage.sexy and remember to mention you are in Sitges.


in dressing and behavior

We all dress as a regular man in "smart casual" style. Paco, Matt, Leo and Tyson never wear flashy looks, especially when serving a massage in a hotel. We never expose our customer's public profile. Our customers become friends, and the respect we have for them as a whole is the one a close friend deserves.

What is

your guarantee?

Erotic massage is my job since 2002. My daily practice tells me I'm explaining, communicating, selling, and serving the right service with excellent quality. All these smiling and satisfied men mean the world to me!

While the most cautious men who are afraid of hiring a fake or tacky erotic massage are the happiest ones after their first massage with me —and craving for the next, as they say.

Do I have to

meet any conditions?

Just be over 18 years old and share with me the importance of personal hygiene. This massage is an intimate experience and we will be working on our whole bodies, from head to toes. It is relevant that we both had a shower shortly before the session.


Payment is usually cash, in euros (€).

Credit cards

We accept Credit Card payment. Though it is relevant you have a look on our policies.



I am a professional free-lance masseur. I pay my taxes and file a quarterly report to the Spanish Ministerio de Hacienda.

This is an absolutely lawful service.

Being a full autonomous professional is expensive in Spain. Though much safer than being an impostor or a criminal.


Is your massage studio legal?

Sure. It is a legally established massage parlor, respected by all of the neighbors in the condominium and paying all the licenses to serve massage.

Is your studio

inside your private apartment?

The studio where I can welcome you in Barcelona is a professional massage studio. Nobody lives there.

It is totally private and discrete. We will be absolutely alone here!

So it is exclusively set up for professional massage service.

We offer spacious and closed massage rooms, full bathing rooms and the decoration to create the right mood for your massage.

It is a clean and safe place. With no risk of police inspections!

How to book

Booking is as easy as sending an SMS or a whatsApp message, an e-mail or calling me to my direct phone number: +34 676 648 226. I answer between massage sessions. As we speak we can check our agendas to set up a session at the time that works best for you.

How to book Matt

Matt and me are in contact constantly. You can hire his services through me.

Also Jack, Leo, Tyson and any other member of our gay massage directory. Please request us to send you an updated link with the full team.

Can I book

for next month?

Sure! I manage a yearly agenda and honor all of my bookings.

Can I book

you for the next hour?

Yes, sure! Just call me to check out if I'm available right now.

Do you

carry a massage table to the hotel?

I will perform your massage on the bed. Because I am also used to softer surfaces. Though I bring with me a one-use paper sheet to protect your bed. Massage on a bed makes it a bit more intimate, intriguing and delightful. You'll soon understand!


Are your pictures real?

Of course. I'm not fooling nobody and I'm also not impersonating any other guy. Though my pictures are being used by many fake masseurs all over Spain and some other countries. But this is me. You will recognize me immediately as you open the door.

I am unable to understand how other guys use somebody else's pictures. My customers are frequently telling me how happy they are to meet "the guy on the pictures". I am and I look exactly the same as on these pictures, because they are all recent and have not undergone any kind of PhotoShop retouching.



Many guys are asking me "what happens if we feel mutually attracted?". Well mutual attraction does not turn me into an escort. My service remains the same, but I confess the massage gets hotter if there is some reciprocal sexual attraction between us.

Of course my job as Tantric masseur is also about making it happen!

Sexual role

Are you top or bottom?

My massage service is universal. It is 100% pleasing tops, bottoms and versatile gay men. My massage also pleases bisexual men and even straight men. The issue is not our role but our attitude and the will of the masseur to deliver a delightful and erotic bodywork.

It's my

first time

I understand you might be nervous. But you don't need to be. I am a very natural, easy going, approachable, friendly, calm and peaceful man. You will feel at ease very quickly. Maybe by just talking or having a drink together. My customers tell me I have a rare power to make them feel at ease just by greeting me.

I'm straight

and curious about men

Straight curious men are more and more frequent requesting my services. Some of them are really nervous when they call me. Also when they meet me for the first time.

Please allow me to speak to you directly, my straight friend.

It's tough daring to take such a step to find out something meaningful to your life. I respect you very much for having this courage. Many straight men told me "I might be the first straight man you are serving?". Well, nope. So I can tell you your satisfaction will go beyond expected.

I'm always very careful with your limits. Though too often it's you wanting me to cross the red lines that would turn the massage into a sexual service. With me you'll go one step at a time because I will follow your pace.