Hotel massage in Sitges

I'd like to serve you in the most convenient way for you: right in your hotel room or private apartment in Sitges.

Call me to check if I already own a studio in Sitges.

Hotel Calipolis in Sitges: enjoy your erotic massage here

Gay hotel massage

in your room

Massage in your hotel room saves you time and taxis and you are able to relax and fall asleep after enjoying a blissful massage.

And if you prefer to visit me at my massage studio he will serve you for the same price.


reliability and punctuality

Hotels in Spain have no problem by allowing personal visits to your room. Anyway, I never speak to hotel staff. I look as a registered guest and I use the elevator to go straight to your room.

Discretion, reliability and punctuality are a relevant part of my service. I do respect your schedule, your previous and your next appointments to the massage session.

I never expose your profile publicly. I dress as a regular young man, not as a flashy escort.