Prostate massage: 150 €

This massage is a bit sexier than the previous Relaxing massage. Adding a blissful prostate stimulation to the combination of Tantra and Thai massage. Paco says it is the "medium erotic intensity" but for some men it is the most exciting prostate massage they have ever enjoyed.

Gay prostate

massage in Barcelona

Relaxing Prostate

massage in Sitges

Enjoy the very special and delightful stimulation of perianal area, testicles and prostate massage.

Price: 150 € + transportation = 250 €.


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Need a Relaxing massage with a bit less of eroticism? Or dare to enjoy an even sexier massage? Try the extremely erotic massage. The 90 minutes version has a special offer of free transport to Sitges.


offer for Sitges

Special offer: 90 minutes extremely erotic massage. Save 100 € of transportation fee so total price is 300 €.