Reviews about Paco's massage

Paco is frequently getting reviews about his massage sessions. Many customers like to send an e-mail, a whatsApp message or SMS describing how they felt during and after the massage.

Please understand that these comments are very personal and cannot be taken as an objective description of a massage session. All of these reviews are individual points of view. Paco chooses carefully its contents since some of them have been edited not to sound too intimate or exaggerated.

You are also welcomed to review your own experience. For obvious privacy reasons these reviews are not signed.


Tantra massage!"

I don't know much about Tantra. The only word I can find to describe your job is "magic"!

"You need

a studio in Sitges!"

You told me your studio is in Barcelona. I understand you are having more work over there. Let me be selfish: I wish your studio was in Sitges. I'd visit you every other day!



And thank you as well for not describing all details of the massage on your website. I liked to be surprised by many many of your special quality details.

"I like men

—I like bears"

I hate sissies. You are a man's man. And you stand for the service you promise. You deserve to be successful!



It's amazing how you can be so relaxing and so exciting at the same time.


Nobody would believe you if you tell them all the body parts you are using. Especially if you mention your chin or your shoulders!


did you learn all this?"

Where did you learn all this? Is there a school or a workshop where you can learn it?



Your touch is amazing. I never felt like this before. Horny, exciting, and then relaxing and soothing.


I made a reservation with you before arriving to Barcelona. After I checked in at this gay Hotel their Spa was more appealing. So I canceled your appointment. In a nut-shell, let's not compare you to other massage services. Let me save the details here and to cut a long story short I re-booked you again. This has been my best decision in Barcelona so far. And the best treat!



Every city has its symbol. As Paris has its Eiffel Tower or Rome its Colosseum. Every time somebody mentions Barcelona you are the first thing that comes to my mind.



I like your personality. You are a genuine guy. And this helps your job. So all you give is true: true sensuality, true eroticism, true bliss.


come true"

As I woke up the next morning after your massage I asked myself "has it been a dream?". This is the first massage I have enjoyed far beyond expectations. I had a sense of intimacy I hardly feel even with my partner. Thank you Paco!


to man time"

I was craving for some man-to-man time. Not just sex but something personal like the conscious touch. You set up the right mood. You gave me time and created an oasis around us. Your massage is also communication. This sexy communication led me to an amazing climax. A fulfilling climax. I feel absolutely satisfied.

"Too bad

you are not an escort"

The only thing missing in your massage is oral sex and penetration. You should consider offering this as well. Now matter the price.

Paco's answer:

You make me blush! And thank you anyway! Now let me answer you about your request: escorts chose to be escorts and I chose to be a masseur. If you try to blend two jobs into one you will tend more to one of both directions. We can go quite far in a massage session and I am aware I am taking it really close to sex. But it is my purpose not to cross some specific red lines. I guess you really enjoyed my job because massage is a solid foundation to deliver a special and very intimate sexual bodywork. If you hire an escort you will miss some other feelings. The right pace, the trust we have build up during our session and especially the longest time of enjoyment.



In Spain everybody has the tendency to be late. Even professionals. And I hate it. I have a schedule and I like to be respected. You knocked at my door 5 minutes before the appointment, you set up your stuff and we started the massage at the time I needed. Call me whatever but I like perfection. Your service is close to perfect. On time, perfectly performed, professional bodywork and the right personal distance not to invade my personal limits.

"I felt


I am not the dream guy everybody wants to shag. During your massage I felt desired and pampered. I had not felt this for a long long time.



You pushed some buttons I did not know I had. Thanks to your amazing tantra massage I discovered some new pleasure points. Thank you Paco!

"Your website

is amazing"

And so is your massage. I am a masseur myself and I didn't tell you until we finished. Your job deserves a 90% score from my point of view.


and curious about men"

I am a straight man, married to a woman I love with whom I have 3 children back home. I always felt curious about being touched by a man and touching another man. Believe me it has been very hard to take this decision. You could feel I was nervous. I guess you have a rare natural talent: you made me feel comfortable and safe. After a few minutes I felt as if I knew you for a long time. You were able to see my sexual excitement. I had an amazing good time. And I am also conscious not everybody has your psychological talents, not to mention just massage skills. I discovered a lot of new stuff about myself. Now I feel confident to go on exploring this hidden but so addictive part of my sexuality.



My wife is always making fun about my wrong decisions. This time I was damn right by choosing you! The downside to this is I'm not risking to tell her!