What is erotic Tantra massage

Tantra massage is a new experience for many gay, bisexual and straight men. It reunites body and mind using a special, relaxing, pampering and sensual bodywork.

Choose your male or female massage therapist.


is a legitimate need

We need to sleep a minimum time of hours a day so we can go on with our lives. And we need nourishing so we have the energy for our metabolism to work properly.

We seldom think of our whole system involving mind and body. Balance in tactile, sensual and emotional life is a need we forget too soon. Or we think we have it covered. Sex is a relevant part to most of us, and sensual massage is a different key we also need to hit every now and then. Those who have tried it know about it.


is a needed oasis

We need an escape from routine, from stressful job life, stressful or exhausting family demands. Even a break from our partners ;-). This does not mean by any means love is over. Call it a "kit-kat". A sinless oasis. Massage is not sex.


needs to empty for a break

The massage I can offer you has this effect. It will empty your mind. Only this way you will be able to dive into the ocean of senses and tactile and emotional enjoyment. You will forget about everything!


of specific gay preferences

As a gay erotic masseur I am aware of my customer’s needs, and I developed some amazing massage protocols concentrated in 90 minutes or one hour. “I lost track of time. I didn’t want to come back to real life...”  my customers often say.


achieving it feels natural

"I did not feel forced to ejaculate, it all felt amazingly natural". Once your body and mind are ready it’s time to increase eroticism. The massage gets hotter and hotter, really close to sex. “Not a second of boredom, Paco was there all the time”.